Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday - DAY 1: Resurrection

The demonstration scenario can be seen on the Strong Angel III website . Basically, the participants have to provide power and communications to a building in order to start to provide disaster response coordination for the hypothetical disaster.

Interestingly, within less than an hour, it was reported that there were 18 or more wireless networks established on the site. Due to interference between these networks, none of them worked well. Even though there was loads of connectivity to the site via satellite, we could not get easily to where the people were working, less than 100 yards away. After a few hours of trying various tricks to try and get our wireless network link to work, DRASTIC fell back to a reliable lower technology solution: we ran a network cable!

In hindsight, the clash of wireless networks was entirely predictable. If we has run the cable to begin with, users would have had their connectivity much earlier.
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